Origenes Spa de Playa


From: Carly Kellogg
>To: spaorigenes@yahoo.com

Pepe y Margarita,

Muchisimas gracias por todo!

We had a lovely afternoon at Origenes yesterday. It was so nice to spend some quality time with our family in such a tranquil commune. You presented us with a thoughtful and relaxing all-around service, starting with our house pick-up and dining experience to our incredible treatments and meditative surroundings. Overall, it was one of the nicest and most well-rounded spa experiences we've had. Thank you for making it possible.

Hopefully we'll be back again in the near future to share another wonderful afternoon with you at Origenes. Gracias y suerte!


From: Jen Brown
>To: spaorigenes@yahoo.com


Thank you so much for a wonderful treatment at Origenes. I have been studying ayurvedic medicine for 3 years, both in India and the United States. Your Chakra Dhara treatment is the perfect blend of the healing qualities of ayurveda, but with the luxury not normally found in the ayurvedic setting in India. Everything from the scent of the oils, to the sound of the waves crashing in the background was just perfect! The ambiance of Origenes is nothing less than enchanting, and I can truly say that I emerged a much different (and possibly younger!) person than when I arrived! I will definitely be back!

Jen (USA)

From: Valerie Scott
>To: spaorigenes@yahoo.com

Dear Margarita,

My Mom and I had an amazing experience at your spa. Origenes is beautifully landscaped, peacefully laid out in front of the ocean and gorgeously designed. The foot treatment we had was so relaxing and our facials left us with glowing skin. We listened to the ocean waves crashing behind us, instead of your typical spa CD of the ocean! Everything about our experience was wonderful - without a doubt the best spa we have ever been too! I strongly recommend that anyone in Mancora spend some time at Origenes!

Thank you so much for a great day and for going out of your way to pick us up from our hotel! All the best and I hope I can come back before I leave Peru!

Valerie Scott

B.A. International Studies and English Literature
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill '08

From: Marie-Claude Roy
>To: spaorigenes@yahoo.com
>Subject: Hola de Canada :)

Hello Pepe and Margaret!!!

I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for having taking care of me at your Spa. A little message for the future guests:

I had the chance to try The Chakra Dhara massage wich is absolutely AMAZING!! I felt a little unbalanced in my energy before going to the spa and this massage combined with a treatment of Astral energy healing really put me back on track. Thank you for receiving me with open arms..I REALLY appreciate it J I also had the chance to do the Luxury of Java ritual..wow! absolutely incredible! The two massages therapists really made me feel like a queen. Unbelievable feeling…I recommend it to everybody. If you have the chance to go to Mangora…you HAVE TO GO TO THAT SPA!!! You will have an amazing experience..it’s a promess!

From: Jennifer LeeJoice
>Subject: Comments per your request
>To: spaorigenes@yahoo.com

Hi! We visited your spa on July 4th. I was so impressed with your spa. The prices were very reasonable (especially compared with those in the states). The view of the ocean was fantastic; the accomodations were luxurious; the staff was professional; the owners treated us like family. I would definately recommend your spa to my friends.

Carmel, California

From: Silvia Bastante
>Subject: Thanks
>To: spaorigenes@yahoo.com

Dear Spa Origenes,
I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience at the Spa. I was there with my fiancée on Monday and Tuesday this week, and we thoroughly enjoyed the setting, the place and the excellent service from the ladies who do the massage. You’ve created a true gem for travelers to the beaches of the north.

All the best,
Silvia Bastante