Origenes Spa de Playa


Aromatherapy (1 hr.) S/. 155 
A sensual and relaxing massage which combines essential oils which balance the body’s vital energy and restore harmony.
Choose amongst our different aromatic mixtures:
Energy- Lime, peppermint and cedar essential oils
New Day- Orange blossom, rose and bergamot essential oils
Peace- Sandalwood, ylang-ylang and lavender essential oils  
Purification- Eucalyptus, lotus and rosemary essential oils
Romance- Geranium, lemongrass and patchouli essential oils
Sunset- Geranium, myrrh and lemongrass essential oils

Chakra Dhara, inspired in Ayurveda (1½ hrs.) S/. 220
This massage is an awakening of the heart, body and mind. It begins with a head massage and acupressure to calm the nervous system and improve blood flow. It follows with a deep body massage with warm oil prepared with medicinal herbs to cleanse your body and harmonize your energies. It combines long strokes and short deeper strokes and pressure on the marma points. It finalizes with the laying of hands transmitting healing energy on five main chakra centers of your body.

Hoto Shiro (Hot Stones) (1 ¼ hrs.) S/. 190
A massage which takes you to the deepest levels of relaxation using smooth stones warmed in eucalyptus infused oil. The stone energy penetrates the sore muscles calming the stress and energizing your system.

Warm Herb Prakop (1 hr.) S/. 185
This therapeutic massage uses a combination of a warm bundle with medicinal herbs and a deep tissue massage to alleviate sore muscles. We use a rosemary and eucalyptus massage cream. Your skin will feel soft and your body revitalized.

Nuad Thao (foot massage) (1 hr.) S/. 150
We begin by soaking your feet in warm soothing herbal water. After a feet exfoliation, you receive a foot massage which reinstates the energy flow producing a relaxed wellbeing.

Venus Massage (1 hr.)…S/. 160
This is a special massage for expecting moms on at least their 4th month of pregnancy without complications. We use a special anti stretch marks massage lotion with techniques to relieve backache and sore muscles, improve circulation, and drain toxins to reduce liquid retention.

(Prices are in soles. Approx. 1 USD= 3.35 Soles. For up to date conversion into any currencies please visit the web.)