Origenes Spa de Playa

Rituals / Packages:

Sea and Andes (1 ¼ hrs.) S/ 190/ Couple: S/. 360
This ritual includes a stimulating exfoliation with Pink Maras salt and fine essential oils to remove dead skin cells. After you rinse off the scrub in a warm shower, you receive a deep tissue invigorating massage with oils soaked in coca and eucalyptus leaves. This ritual promotes the body’s natural production of collagen while it stimulates blood flow.

Lulur of Java (3 hrs.)  S/. 395/ Couple: S/. 725
This ancestral ritual includes a soft exfoliating massage and wrap with a rice powder paste and fine sandalwood and jasmine essential oils. We massage your head during your wrap. We then massage your body with natural yoghurt to restore Ph balance. We follow with an aromatherapy massage. Finally, you will soak your body in a warm floral bath while treated to herbal tea. The petals and aromas will produce an exquisite culmination of one of the finest and most relaxing treatments.

Akazuri and Hashimitzu (2 hrs.) S/. 270/ Couple: S/. 500
A Japanese ritual for new beginnings. First, an Akasuri exfoliation takes place, removing the dead cells from the skin and activating the Chi vital energy. It follows with an energizing and purifying massage with warm molasses and honey. It ends with a soothing Vichy shower spraying water to your body through four suspended shower heads while you are lying down.

Venus Goddess of Fertility Ritual (2 hr.) S/. 300
Only Massage* (1 hr.) S/. 160
This is a special treatment for expecting moms on at least their 4th month of pregnancy without complications. The treatment begins with a gentle scrub.  After a warm shower, you receive a soothing massage with our exclusive natural formula paste which improves skin elasticity and helps prevent stretch marks. This is followed by an orange blossom lotion massage with techniques to relieve backache and sore muscles, improve circulation, and drain toxins to reduce liquid retention.

(Prices are in soles. Approx. 1 USD= 3.35 Soles. For up to date conversion into any currencies please visit the web.)